SEO / Google Website Optimization Training & Internship in Lahore

SEO Basic Training at New Castle Lahore

Get clarity to grow your business online. Learn to run a successful SEO campaign and identify quick wins that will help your site to rank higher and increase your traffic from search engines. With every brand fighting to get to the top of Google, understanding the latest SEO ranking factors and Search Engine Optimisation techniques is vital to your business.

This practical SEO training course shows how to plan your search engine optimisation, keyword research, competitors, measurement and both onsite and offsite tactics that will increase natural search traffic and resulting customers. It will show delegates how to use SEO tactics to win new customers, ensure existing customers are able to find what they are looking for and to create profitable and sustainable online business.

SEO Course Outline 

Planning SEO Campaigns

  • Setting and measuring SEO goals and objectives
  • Keyword research and planning: outsmarting your competitors
  • Understanding user intent in SEO
  • Competitor bench marking - techniques and tools
  • SEO planning tools: which ones to use

Technical SEO factors

  • Understanding how search engines crawl websites
  • How to speed up indexing with sitemaps
  • Technical factors that will positively and negatively influence your search performance
  • Maximizing your site architecture
  • Techniques to deal with duplicate, similar or archived content
  • Dealing with migrating or relaunching websites

On-page optimization

  • How to optimize site metadata to improve search performance
  • Deploying "structured data" to stand out in search results
  • Using Google's Search Console to make improvements
  • Techniques to optimize on page copy and content
  • Maximizing your metadata: basic and advanced techniques
  • Web design factors that can negatively impact SEO
  • Using free and paid-for tools to audit your pages

Link Building & Content Marketing

  • A history of link building: the difference between good and bad backlinks
  • "Ethical" link building techniques that will boost your authority and rank
  • Quick-win content marketing tactics commonly adopted by SEO teams
  • Social Media and its relationship with link building
  • Link analysis and outreach tools

Advanced Technical SEO: Strategy & Tools

  • The future of technical SEO
  • Using enterprise tools to run SEO campaigns, create reports and dashboards
  • Competitor analysis tools: finding the low hanging fruit
  • Using tools to carry out on-page audits
  • Keyword research: scraping, forensics and 3d mapping
  • Free tools, WordPress plugins and Excel functions
  • Backlink analysis tools: mining link data and gaining SEO insights from social media

Advanced On-page Optimization

  • Essential on-page issues that influence your SEO
  • The importance of integrating structured data and schemas
  • Building accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
  • Deploying sitemaps and index status checking
  • The low-down on status codes, redirects and site speed
  • Writing for language processors
  • Enhancing click-throughs in SERPs
  • Optimizing multilingual sites and content
  • SEO recovery techniques; disavowing links and other common SEO issues
  • Dealing with thin or duplicate content and keyword mapping/deployment
  • Controlling robots with canonical tags and robots.txt
  • Diagnosing crawl issues: URL parameters, http headers, uncrawlable content and server logs

Advanced Off-page Optimization

  • Authentic link building, policies and risks
  • Understanding no follow links, natural link networks and balancing opportunities
  • Amplification opportunities; YouTube SEO, SEO affiliate marketing
  • Traffic volume optimization and paid integrations/loading
  • Popular content marketing strategies and tactics
  • Local SEO: strategies and tactics
  • Social and PR SEO functionalities

Following this training course, you will understand how to:

  • Optimise your website to improve search rank and performance
  • Use online tools to carry out SEO planning, keyword and market research
  • Perform competitor benchmarking using tools and advanced search commands
  • Adopt best practice web design and copywriting 
  • Improve how search engines crawl and index your website
  • Use on-page optimisation techniques to improve search performance 
  • Ensure your website follows best technical practices to avoid penalties
  • Carry out effective link building and off-page optimisation using proven tactics


SEO Training Lahore Pakistan

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